July 2018 Production

@ Seymour College CPA



By Mrs Evelyn Merritt


For many wars, letters home were the only form of communication between soldiers and their loved ones.

Letters is thought-provoking and character-driven. It's not hard to see Marie, Jim, Caleb, Sarah, Harriet and Robert reaching out with pen and paper.


A Rare Condition

By Alan Haehnel

Sophie is acting very strangely -- she wears her formal dress to school, stands up to a tyrannical teacher, hugs her younger sister, and even tries to join the boys' wrestling team. In a series of monologues, Sophie's friends and family open up about how her odd behaviour has affected them, with reactions ranging from bafflement to anger, frustration to admiration. It's only after Sophie's sudden death that her motives are revealed, and everyone is left to ponder their own rare condition.

* A Rare Condition was remounted in October 2018 as part of the Back2Back Short Show Festival at Star Theatres.