April 2021 Production (12th to 18th April)

The Day the Internet Died

by Ian McWethy & Jason Pizzarello

A devastating occurrence happens to a small town. No, it’s not famine, or floods, or loss of your basic rights. The internet has gone down! And it will continue to be down! For a week! A whole week! Pandemonium! In a world that is so dependent on the internet for shopping, mailing, and posting pictures of cute babies, how will society function? Not well as it turns out. The Day the Internet Died hilariously explores how inept we are at dating, research, and basic human interactions when we don’t have a screen to look at.


How to Survive Being in a Shakespeare Play

by Don Zolidis

Some day it’s going to happen: You’re going to find yourself on stage, wearing tights, and saying things in iambic pentameter. Face it, you’re in a Shakespeare play, and that means it’s a pretty good bet you’re going to DIE. The Bard is out for blood, but this play is here to stop him! How could Romeo and Juliet survive? Julius Caesar? A nameless soldier in Henry the Fifth? What if King Lear had an emotional support llama and didn’t need to make terrible mistakes? Join us in discovering how a dozen of Shakespeare’s plays could’ve turned out differently! If only they listened…

Auditions - Sunday 21st February

Read through/Welcome Lunch - Sunday 28th March

Production rehearsals/performances - 12th to 18th April 


July 2021 Production (5th to 11th July)

Property Rites by Alan Haehnel

Kyle Macmanus has invested millions in a high-tech work of art -- fifteen human-figure sculptures programmed to perform thousands of movements, monologues, dialogues, and more. But just when Kyle is about to sell the sculpture, it malfunctions; the figures are alive. As each one struggles to achieve autonomy, they begin a fatal race against their desperate owner's destructive plan.


For Feet's Sake by Krista Knight

In this funny, poignant take on the classic tale of The Little Mermaid, Thessaly, the youngest of five mermaid sisters, yearns to visit the surface. When she finally gets her wish, she falls in love with a human prince, and makes a bargain with a witch that will allow her to be human too. But there's a deadly catch -- if she doesn't marry the prince, she'll become sea foam, caught between land and water forever. Featuring a narrator-Emcee, a frustrated Mer-King, and a location-creating Chorus, this reimagining offers comic, tragic, and surprising twists on a familiar story.

Auditions - Sunday 16th May

Read through/Welcome Lunch - Sunday 20th June

Production rehearsals/performances - 5th to 11th July

October 2021 Production

(27th September to 3rd October)

Home Shopping Studios Live! by Claire Epstein
Home Shopping Studios, hosted by Billy Happerly and Diane St. John, is a premiere home shopping channel - and it's live! Unfortunately, their last producer was fired, and has plotted his revenge by scheduling the worst products imaginable. From stuffed animals filled with human hair, to used trash bags, to live snakes, Billy and Diane have to sell everything, all while dealing with the, ah, creative guests who have come to sell their wares.
SCAREDY-CAT by Brendan Hogan
It’s Australia and a local Little Trooper Platoon (a parody of Boy Scouts) has gathered for the 15th Annual Bushwackeree – a weekend of camping and working towards earning patches. Things are going along swimmingly for this bunch of 10 year-olds until Danny, the newest recruit, sets the cat amongst the pigeons by trying to trap an elusive black panther, rumoured to live in the surrounding bushland after escaping from a travelling circus many years earlier. Will they catch the panther? Or will it catch them? Does it even exist at all? Maybe those noises coming from the bush are something entirely different. Whichever the case, if you go down to the woods today, you’re sure of a big surprise…

Auditions - Sunday 15th August

Read through/Welcome Lunch - Sunday 12th September

Production rehearsals/performances - 27th September to 3rd October

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