Young people should have the option to experience as much as they can, especially when it comes to nurturing and developing talents and abilities. One of our goals has always been to make theatre accessible to as many people as possible. Whether it was a young aspiring actor to be part of our program and develop their theatre acting skills, a work experience student working backstage, or for anyone from the public to be able to come and immerse themselves in one of

our live theatre productions.

This year we decided to take action after a very generous offer of support for a Wings2Fly Theatre Scholarship Program from the Jeffrey family. A family who had been associated with Wings2Fly Theatre through their son, Byron. They saw firsthand the positive impact how the time spent developing Byron's acting skills had crossed to other aspects of his life, helping him with focus, concentration, thinking outside of the box and attention to detail. He had found his place, his passion, a drive for creativity and exploration. His parents, Michael & Jenn, wanted that opportunity for other young people and so wanted to be involved.

Our collective goal has been to take away the financial barriers for those young people who would love to follow a dream, develop their skills and experience being an actor on a stage. Not so long ago many of these opportunities were accessible to all young people where you could be part of a theatre group, choir, orchestra or band supported by the government with young people from all across Adelaide or even South Australia. Slowly these avenues have diminished or are no longer available unless you can afford to go to private providers.

How can these young aspiring creatives access an education, an experience and be given a purpose if there are barriers stopping them from doing so?

The Wings2Fly Scholarship program is taking those barriers away and we are so grateful to LR&M Constructions, the Jeffrey Family, Adelaide Theatre and More and the Jonathon Arts Centre for their support. It has meant that instead of offering two scholarship positions for our July production/workshop, we have been able to extend it to three positions and we are thrilled that we have three young actors who will join us to develop their acting skills, meet other young people and have a world of opportunity opened up for each of them.

This scholarship means that they will each receive:-

  • 10 minute private audition

  • Over 36 hours of character building & analysis, script breakdown and rehearsal

  • 2 x two hour workshops with industry professionals

  • Read through including meet & greet and pizza lunch

  • Professional headshot (digital and hard copy)

  • Wings2Fly Beanie and Hoodie

  • Training and experience with and from industry professionals

  • Technical rehearsal, final dress rehearsal and four performances supported by a professional production team (Set Designer, Costume Designer, Technical Designer, Stage Manager and crew)

  • Light meals between performances

  • Character specific costumes

  • Full set and props​

  • Plus two tickets to any single performance valued at $50.

These are young people where developing these skills would have only been a dream.

We are so grateful again to these people who have seen that doing the greater good for others - so no one misses out - needs to be the way for our future generations.

It is also humbling and reassuring for us to know that people believe in all that Wings2Fly Theatre provides, achieves and the philosophy behind our program

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We asked three of our young actors after they auditioned for our April 2021 production what it was like. Please watch and enjoy Ava, Gracie and Tim talking about what happened, and how they felt about it.

Auditions are always a bit nerve-wracking, but at Wings2Fly we do what we can to ensure our young actors feel supported from the first moment they meet us. Our auditions are individual, so they don't have an audience. Alicia & Michelle provide feedback and give each actor the opportunity to try the scene for a second time (with direction) and then cold read a different character. It's a learning experience right from the beginning, in a supportive and nurturing environment.

Remember, we are looking for potential and energy/drive, not necessarily experience, so don't let your fears stop you.

Thanks to Emily for filming/interviewing!

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This is something we talk about often in rehearsals.... who is important right now? The answer is obviously "everyone", however, in group scenes it can be a bit tricky.

Let me explain. Everyone onstage is visible, therefore they need to always be present, to be actively engaged. They need to know how their character would react to each line of dialogue that is being said, as if it's for the first time. They might agree, or be shocked, or be angry etc. They might be amused and laugh along (with the audience perhaps). Of course, sometimes they may not "hear" the dialogue at all, then they will need to stay occupied elsewhere.

The question for all actors therefore is, how big should my reaction be? Secondary characters in a scene are so important, but they need to find the sweet spot - staying present (in character) yet not upstaging the action. Upstaging is when a secondary character creates a diversion to the central action and takes attention away from the actual story. A good director will reign in their actors if this happens, to ensure the audience stays focussed on what they need to.

Sometimes with inexperienced actors, the opposite happens - their attention onstage can wander. This is very obvious to the audience as they don't react appropriately and can also draw the audience attentions for the wrong reasons.

This is a photograph from our recent production and is an example of excellent teamwork and engagement. Audrey (L) is a proud lawyer with no morals, Marsha (C) is Lady Macbeth who is thrilled with the plan, and Lauren (R) is a nurse who is actively listening. They each have different reactions suitable for their characters at that time.

Remember, theatre is teamwork and everyone (cast and crew) need to pull together to tell the story.

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