We asked three of our young actors after they auditioned for our April 2021 production what it was like. Please watch and enjoy Ava, Gracie and Tim talking about what happened, and how they felt about it.

Auditions are always a bit nerve-wracking, but at Wings2Fly we do what we can to ensure our young actors feel supported from the first moment they meet us. Our auditions are individual, so they don't have an audience. Alicia & Michelle provide feedback and give each actor the opportunity to try the scene for a second time (with direction) and then cold read a different character. It's a learning experience right from the beginning, in a supportive and nurturing environment.

Remember, we are looking for potential and energy/drive, not necessarily experience, so don't let your fears stop you.

Thanks to Emily for filming/interviewing!

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This is something we talk about often in rehearsals.... who is important right now? The answer is obviously "everyone", however, in group scenes it can be a bit tricky.

Let me explain. Everyone onstage is visible, therefore they need to always be present, to be actively engaged. They need to know how their character would react to each line of dialogue that is being said, as if it's for the first time. They might agree, or be shocked, or be angry etc. They might be amused and laugh along (with the audience perhaps). Of course, sometimes they may not "hear" the dialogue at all, then they will need to stay occupied elsewhere.

The question for all actors therefore is, how big should my reaction be? Secondary characters in a scene are so important, but they need to find the sweet spot - staying present (in character) yet not upstaging the action. Upstaging is when a secondary character creates a diversion to the central action and takes attention away from the actual story. A good director will reign in their actors if this happens, to ensure the audience stays focussed on what they need to.

Sometimes with inexperienced actors, the opposite happens - their attention onstage can wander. This is very obvious to the audience as they don't react appropriately and can also draw the audience attentions for the wrong reasons.

This is a photograph from our recent production and is an example of excellent teamwork and engagement. Audrey (L) is a proud lawyer with no morals, Marsha (C) is Lady Macbeth who is thrilled with the plan, and Lauren (R) is a nurse who is actively listening. They each have different reactions suitable for their characters at that time.

Remember, theatre is teamwork and everyone (cast and crew) need to pull together to tell the story.

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We have had an amazing week with our young actors. We explored creating characters, understanding scripts and connection between characters, and actors on and off the stage.

One of the most important aspects of theatre, that we want to impress upon everyone involved, is that productions only come together with mutual respect and understanding of everyone's roles. The props department is just as an important part of making theatre as the leading players or director and we should all be humble and acknowledge the skills for each role.

There are so many highlights to share with you and here are a few of them:-

  • Two brilliantly talented and amazing theatre educators shared their experience and expertise with the 28 young actors. Chrissie Page captivated every single person with her knowledge around auditions, protocols, behaviours and preparation. Paul Reichstein stimulated a mutual love and affection for all things Shakespeare and relayed these wonderful words afterwards.

" I had the most amazing time with your young actors yesterday. Truly, one of my highlights in teaching. Such a beautiful cohort of goodness; passionate, respectful, talented...but most importantly WILLING! OPEN! You've created a beautiful energy there."

  • The trust and willingness for young actors to explore beyond their sense of comfort to unveil new abilities and grow in confidence.

  • The support of the production team was beyond words of gratitude, as the week worked seamlessly and allowed for so much to be achieved in only 5 days. Zac Eichner - Assistant Director; India Carnell - Assistant Director; Heather Jones - Stage Manager: Claire Edmonds-Wilson - Props/Work Experience/Crew; Emma Campbell - Costume Designer; Matt Ralph - Technical Director & Al Tunny - Operator.

  • Angie Christophel from RMT Management, who is an agent and casting director, came to talk about the filming opportunities that are happening this year in Adelaide for young actors and how the Wings2Fly Family of actors can put themselves forward for those opportunities.

  • Parent Support & words of appreciation. This week would not come about without the parents who encourage, support, become sounding boards when it is all too overwhelming, making sure that their actor is well fed, transporting to and from rehearsals and performances and helping with sourcing costumes from home. We acting people can be a little emotional and dare I say it, dramatic and we appreciate your understanding and counting to ten! Here are some comments that we have received.

"A huge thank you to everyone who made the last week happen. My son, was a first timer and one the youngest performers and he had a fantastic time and most certainly felt included. He really enjoyed the focus and responsibility of the week - with the being on stage the icing on the cake. Thank you so much to Alicia and Michelle for putting everything together and undoubtedly see you all in July."

" How wonderful, thanks so much Alicia and Michelle for organising such terrific opportunities for the kids over and above the fabulous program. Such a joy to watch the show last night."

"Just wanted to say how amazing both shows are! Congratulations to all the actors and directors and everyone behind the scenes for producing two funny and entertaining shows. An amazing effort in one week!"

"....she thoroughly enjoyed being an actor & loved how empowering the whole experience was. She's practising her vocal lessons already. Thank you so much for giving such an experience to young actors"

  • This is the first time where we have had media ask to come and review our shows, normally we would email and ask them to attend and review. What a thrill and credit to our previous productions and casts that people are asking to see our shows and review them.

Here are the links to the reviews that have been sent to us:-





Lastly, thank you to the wonderful young actors for trusting us in developing you all as fine young actors with a holistic understanding of theatre. Each and every one of you have made huge leaps and bounds towards establishing a solid foundation as an actor and we are honoured to be a part of that journey.

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