October 2021 Production

@ Holden Street Theatres

by Brendan Hogan

It’s Australia and a local Little Trooper Platoon (a parody of Boy Scouts) has gathered for the 15th Annual Bushwackeree – a weekend of camping and working towards earning patches.


Things are going along swimmingly for this bunch of 10 year-olds until Danny, the newest recruit, sets the cat amongst the pigeons by trying to trap an elusive black panther, rumoured to live in the surrounding bushland after escaping from a travelling circus many years earlier.


Will they catch the panther? Or will it catch them? Does it even exist at all? Maybe those noises coming from the bush are something entirely different. Whichever the case, if you go down to the woods today, you’re sure of a big surprise…


Home Shopping Studios Live!

by Claire Epstein

Home Shopping Studios is a premiere home shopping channel - and it's live! Unfortunately, their last producer was fired, and has plotted his revenge by scheduling the worst products imaginable.


From stuffed animals filled with human hair, to used trash bags, to live snakes, our hosts have to sell everything, all while dealing with the, ah... creative guests who have come to sell their wares.

Home Shopping Studios-9955_edited.jpg
Scaredy Cat-9491.JPG
Home Shopping Studios-9782_edited.jpg
Scaredy Cat-9560.JPG