Evolution is the next step in our mentoring program, offered to advanced actors (aged 18-25). Evolution will run as a all-inclusive company, with cast having a production role as well. This will give our actors a feel for the theatre as a whole, giving them added responsibility as well as an opportunity to hone their skills as a performer during our intensive rehearsals. This is a stepping stone to our actors moving off to possibly creating their own theatre company and developing new work.


We are so excited to announce our first production -


OUR PLACE by Terry Gabbard

(11 actors aged 18-25)

The unassuming location of a dock extending out onto a small lake serves as the backdrop for five different stories. On a cool autumn night, Jake arrives with Holly at a secluded spot. The couple feels an immediate connection to this place as if it were put there just for them. Things seem perfect until Anne and her date, Lyle, arrive. On another day, early in the morning, Beth has plans to spend the day with her dad at their favourite fishing place. She has high hopes for catching some sunshine, a few fish, and her dad's fading memories. The third story involves Al, who arrives at the dock with his family and has high expectations for their family canoe trip. The only problem is that his wife would rather stay inside, his son has a chip on his shoulder, and his daughter is really weird. In the fourth story, Cory and Liberty are having a picnic lunch out by the lake, but a realisation about tuna-fish sandwiches sends a shockwave through their relationship and brings about questions of who they are and what lies ahead for them. In the fifth story, Stanley escapes the hardships of his life to blow off some steam on the dock when Sidney, his 6-year-old sister, arrives. All he wants is for her to go away, but she insists on staying with him. The entire ensemble gathers on the dock together for the final scene.

In a poetic epilogue, they all discover the true meaning of Our Place—both comedic and tragic.

Production Dates

  • Auditions - Sunday 15th May - by appointment

  • Read through/Production Meeting - 5th June 10am 1pm

  • Rehearsals - Mon 4th to Fri 8th July 8.45am – 4pmSaturday 23rd & Sunday 24th July 10am – 4pm

  • Tech/final dress - Tuesday 2nd August 6.30 – 9pm​​

  • Performances - Wednesday 3rd to Saturday 6th August @ 7.30pm (plus Saturday at 2pm)

*All rehearsals and performances will take place at Holden Street Theatres – 34 Holden Street, Hindmarsh


How do I book an audition?

  1. Read all the information correctly and ensure you are available for ALL dates

  2. Book your individual Audition TIME

  3. Download the Audition PIECES & Audition & Medical FORM and bring them and a colour headshot to your audition time

Why do I need to take on a production role?

Learning a production role is three-fold for Evolution actors.

One - it will broaden your horizons in terms of your hire-ability in the future as actors. Being knowledgeable in all aspects of a working theatre company will increase your skill set

Two - it will further encourage respect across all aspects of theatre, building on our already established philosophy

Three - it keeps our costs down! Theatre companies are businesses and to stay viable they need to be able to cover costs. This allows us to reduce the production fee dramatically.

What sort of production role will I need to take on?

Our actors will cover the following roles during this production:-

  • Costume design and sourcing/ making* (if they have the skill set)

  • Set design and sourcing/ building/ painting/ dressing

  • Prop sourcing

  • Lighting/sound design

  • Poster design

  • Marketing/ publicity

NB: We are also looking for a young Stage Manager whom we can mentor during the production who can then run the show

Do I actually need to be at all rehearsals?

Yes! It is imperative that you are available for all rehearsals you have been called for. It will be an intense rehearsal process and we can only reach the high standards we have set with all actors present. When you aren't rehearsing you are likely to be covering your production role and/or assisting other actors.

What is the cost?



Our Expectations from you for auditions

  • Please learn the part you are auditioning for by heart. It will show us you are dedicated and ready to work.

  • We might ask you to (cold) read another role, please prepare for this by reading ALL roles beforehand.

  • Do NOT try to make it perfect, we would like to work with you in the audition and we want to know what you are capable of. We are not looking for a polished performance at the audition.

  • You do not have to accept a part we offer you, but once you do, it is expected that you will commit to this project. This means prioritising and only accepting the role if you are prepared to give it 100%.


Our expectations from our cast

  • You are expected to arrive in good time for rehearsals, and respect your directors and fellow cast/crew members. Bad behaviour will not be tolerated. If you are running late you will let us know as soon as practical.

  • All rehearsals are compulsory unless discussed prior.

  • You will not bring your mobile phones to rehearsal/performances, unless on silent and put away except on breaks.

  • You will learn your lines prior to rehearsals commencing. It is impossible to fully engage with a character whilst holding a script.

  • You must be prepared to take risks and trust your fellow performers.

  • In order to cover the enormous cost involved with mounting a production – all cast are expected to sell at least 6 tickets to the production. If everyone does this, we can continue to keep the production fee low.


Our commitment to you

  • We know that young actors can have incredible talent and we want you to have a chance to utilise and expand on that. We are 100% committed to teach and foster your abilities, and will run our rehearsals as a professional development process.

  • We are experienced teachers as well as professional actors ourselves, and are joined by a professional team to help bring this project together.

  • By bringing together like-minded individuals from different parts of Adelaide, we aim to foster a dynamic and supportive environment in which to develop creativity.