We are very excited to be presenting 2 x one-act plays each workshop in 2020. Audition material will be available soon.

“For Feet’s Sake” by Krista Knight  (up to 16 actors required, recommended ages 9-16)

In this funny, poignant take on the classic tale of The Little Mermaid, Thessaly, the youngest of five mermaid sisters, yearns to visit the surface. When she finally gets her wish, she falls in love with a human prince, and makes a bargain with a witch that will allow her to be human too. But there's a deadly catch -- if she doesn't marry the prince, she'll become sea foam, caught between land and water forever. Featuring a narrator-Emcee, a frustrated Mer-King, and a location-creating Chorus, this reimagining offers comic, tragic, and surprising twists on a familiar story.




“Property Rites” by Alan Haehnel  (up to 14 actors required, recommended ages 14-21)

Kyle (Kylie?) Macmanus has invested millions in a high-tech work of art -- fifteen human-figure sculptures programmed to perform thousands of movements, monologues, dialogues, and more. But just when Kyle is about to sell the sculpture, it malfunctions; the figures are alive. As each one struggles to achieve autonomy, they begin a fatal race against their desperate owner's destructive plan.

Production week/performances

6-12th July 2020

Venue: Holden Street Theatres, 34 Holden Street, Hindmarsh


Sunday 17th May 2020

Venue: Slingsby Hall of Possibilities, REAR HALL, 96 Glen Osmond Rd, Parkside

Read through (including headshot photography)

Sunday 21st June 2020

Venue: Slingsby Hall of Possibilities, REAR HALL, 96 Glen Osmond Rd, Parkside

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