Eight reasons why acting as a young kid can benefit you for the rest of your life!

  1. BUILDS THEIR CONFIDENCE - taking on a responsibility to develop a character, learn lines, build relationships and perform in front of an audience all while knowing learning how to deal with nerves and thinking on your feet.

  2. SOCIAL SKILLS - relating and working with others to problem solve and interact as an ensemble. To build trust in themselves, others and a process. Acting in different roles and different situations also promotes compassion and tolerance for others.

  3. FUN - discovering ways to just have fun without the use of outside resources and allowing that fun to filter through to others.

  4. MEMORY - memorising of lines and movements and being able to recall them easily.

  5. IMAGINATION - theatre is a wonderful vehicle for making creative choices, coming up with new ideas and finding new interpretations of material in expressive ways.

  6. PROBLEM SOLVING - learning how to communicate the how, what, where, when and why to the audience and the benefit of improvising which allows us to learn to easily adapt to different situations in life.

  7. COMMUNICATION SKILLS - developing speech skills such as projection, articulation, expression, fluency of language and persuasive speech. Enhancing verbal and non-verbal speech.

  8. CONCENTRATION - all aspects of acting develops a sense of sustained focus of body, mind and voice.

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