Nervous about auditioning for us? Watch this!

We asked three of our young actors after they auditioned for our April 2021 production what it was like. Please watch and enjoy Ava, Gracie and Tim talking about what happened, and how they felt about it.

Auditions are always a bit nerve-wracking, but at Wings2Fly we do what we can to ensure our young actors feel supported from the first moment they meet us. Our auditions are individual, so they don't have an audience. Alicia & Michelle provide feedback and give each actor the opportunity to try the scene for a second time (with direction) and then cold read a different character. It's a learning experience right from the beginning, in a supportive and nurturing environment.

Remember, we are looking for potential and energy/drive, not necessarily experience, so don't let your fears stop you.

Thanks to Emily for filming/interviewing!

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