Scholarship Announcement

Breaking news! We are so thrilled to announce that Wings2Fly, in conjunction with the Jeffery family, are offering two scholarship positions for students from disadvantaged backgrounds. Jenn & Michael Jeffery's son Byron has been acting with us since January 2019, and have been so thrilled with his progress and learning that they wanted to support other young actors in their journey.

Wings2Fly Theatre, based in Adelaide, is all about supporting young actors and giving them the opportunity to gain practical knowledge of the theatre and stagecraft in general. We've always been conscious of the expense involved and that this would exclude some young people who simply don't have the means. A conversation with Jenn and Michael led to the incredible and generous offer to financially support two scholarships, for the next 3 productions. These will be offered in two categories - The Jeffery Scholarship for students aged 10-13 years, and the LR&M Scholarship for students aged 14-18 years. The scholarships cover the cost of the all inclusive production fee, plus two free tickets to a performance.

The first production Byron appeared in was Bad Auditions by Bad Actors (January 2019), for which he won the Adelaide Theatre Guide's Best Young Male Performer Award. We asked Jenn her thoughts about his journey so far, and on our productions as a whole.

Further information about our scholarships can be found here

Special thanks for Steve Davis, Talked About Marketing for filming/editing

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