"Thank you both so very much for the wonderful experience you provided during the Brothers Grimm workshop week and performances! Natalie learnt so much and had such a fabulous time, all credit to your lovely selves and the great bunch of other children you cast. It was a gorgeous production, loads of fun and definitely made for lots of lovely memories for Natalie"

"Thank you for your time spent with Ethan. He loved the experience, the quality learning environment and the inclusive nature of all cast members. Such a fabulous offering you have for young Adelaide performers"

"Making friends and interacting with the other cast members. Learning about the industry was really interesting. The workshops were really helpful... Fantastic production and performances - really impressive for the short time it took to rehearse. Amazing. Great people to work with"

"Such high quality workshops that really developed a diversity of skills for my daughter. The performance was excellent - thoroughly entertaining"

"We learnt a lot about the arts industry and how to improve ourselves as actors and a cast as a whole. Character development work was great"

"Conducted in an easy going yet, professional way"

"Some of the content was very new for my daughter as she has had limited exposure to the industry so she learnt an incredible amount - thank you!"

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